31 December 2012

Dear Friend and Supporter,

Bird Ally X, like so many around the world, faced a very challenging year in 2012.

In 2012 we cared for 100 cat caught songbirds. Rescued over 50 birds entangled in old fishing line and hooks, and of course, over 250 young Brown Pelicans caught in point source pollution from fish cleaning tables all along California’s Redwood Coast.

These rescues, plus hundreds more were possible because of your generous support.

In 2012, Bird Ally X published the groundbreaking An Introduction to Aquatic Bird Rehabilitation, the first manual of its kind. Wildlife rehabilitators from around the world have responded enthusiastically. For 2013 we will publish a manual on washing birds contaminated by various types of pollution.

Our work teaching rehabilitation of aquatic birds, as well as our work caring for injured and orphaned wildlife would not be complete without efforts to eliminate and minimize the hazards industrial civilization presents to our wild neighbors. To this end we are working with US Fish and Wildlife Service and California Department of Fish and Game, as well as municipal and county agencies to help reduce the number of injuries to marine birds at boat launches and fish cleaning stations due to fish waste. 

There only a few hours left in 2012 for your contribution to help aquatic birds and the people who care for them to be tax-deductible this year. Our work for 2013 will depend on your support. Thank you for being a part of our accomplishments in 2012, we look forward to continuing these efforts and more in 2013.

In alliance with wild birds and all wildlife,
Wishing you a joyfulNew Year,           

Monte Merrick
co-Director Bird Ally X