2017 Mugs are Here

Each year we remember a species that was notable for the year by issuing a commemorative mug – in all past years as a token of our appreciation for those who generously volunteer their time and labor to help us meet the challenges of our mission. In 2012 we featured Brown Pelicans, due to the fish waste issue that caused juveniles of that species so much trouble that year. Each subsequent year we featured a different species (All rendered by BAX co-founder and co-director, Laura Corsiglia!). This year, 2017 saw an increase of more than 100% in the Striped Skunk babies we admitted as orphans! We’ve treated 34 Skunks this year so far compared to 2016 when we treated 16 the entire year. So we present our 2017 mug! And this year’s is not only for our volunteers! You can buy a mug for only $10 – just stop by our clinic at 2182 Old Arcata Rd in Bayside and get yours – you too can make a difference for wildlife!