An Introduction to Aquatic Bird Rehabilitation, Revised 2nd Edition Released

An Introduction to Aquatic Bird Rehabilitation sold out its first run. We’re happy to announce our 2nd, revised edition is now available. What’s new? Number one is the addition of Marie Travers as an author! As a co-director of Bird Ally X, Ms. Travers was an important contributor to the 1st edition. With recent shiftings and re-configurings we are happily able to credit her invaluable work.
Other changes include an updated fish slurry recipe, as well as updated resources. (If you have the 1st edition and would like access to these updates, let us know. We’ll send you a pdf file.)

The book is still $38 and still available right here. Written by wildlife rehabilitators for wildlife rehabilitators this book can get you through the very basics of treating these beautiful and demanding birds. Order yours today!