Baby Season!

Coyote pup receives physical examination upon admission.

AS spring rolls into summer at BAX/HWCC, we are deep in the heart of our busiest season –  our small facility is filling quickly with young animals without parents to care for them. All were made orphans during an unfortunate conflict with the man-made world: mothers shot, mothers hit by cars, mothers and babies caught by house cats, some babies picked up by and taken away from their parents by well-intended tho’ misguided “rescuers”… 

Since last summer we’ve made four additions to our patient housing – an aviary for ravens, hawks and other birds, new mammal housing (currently surrogate home to three orphaned coyote siblings), a raccoon nursery, and a 12 foot diameter seabird pool that can run fresh or salt water. And as the movie cliche’  predicts, since we’ve built it, they have come.

Coyote pups, crow babies, raven babies, hatchling house finches, opossums, baby skunks and nearly two dozen raccoon kits have all been treated at our clinic in Bayside.

How you can help wild familes stay together:

  • Don’t trim trees and shrubs until fall, when birds’ nests are empty.        
  • Be tolerant of adult mammals, such as raccoons and skunks out in broad daylight. They have more mouths to feed back at the den.
  • If you find a young bird learning to fly, keep pets and kids away. Parent birds are nearby. Usually all is well.
  • Always, keep cats indoors or on a leash. Outdoor cats die young and together are responsible for billions of wildlife deaths each year.
  • If you find a wild baby or adult that you think needs help call 1(888) 975-8188 – we will help you find a wildlife rehabilitator near you. 
  • If you’re in the Humoldt/Del Norte area call (707) 822-8839.

Our work is 100% funded by support from the community and wildlife lovers everywhere. To help, please contribute using our paypal donate button. Your contribution is 100% tax-deductible and goes directly to the care of injured and orphaned wildlife as well as our efforts to prevent injuries and keep wild families together! Thank you for your generous support. Your contribution keeps our doors open.