Bobcat Trapping Banned in California

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With a 3-2 vote, the California Fish and Game Commission opted for a complete ban on Bobcat (Lynx rufus) trapping in our state as the most sensible way to implement the Bobcat Protection Act of 2013.

(for more information on the Bobcat Protection Act)

With two new members of the Commission, the outcome of today’s meeting was anything but certain.  However, they both came to the meeting well-informed, and prepared with excellent questions. At the end of discussion, it was the new guys who made and seconded the motion to implement a state wide ban on the cruel practice.

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bobcat fortuna blogpost - 4Assemblymember Richard Bloom of Santa Monica addresses the rally. Bloom was the author of AB1213, the Bobcat Protection Act

bobcat fortuna blogpost - 6Tom O’Key, whose discovery of a Bobcat trap on his property near Joshua Tree National Park led to the ban on trapping, addresses the Commission

bobcat fortuna blogpost - 7Humboldt County Supervisor Mark Lovelace (3rd District) addresses the Commission on behalf of a complete ban.

Bird Ally X/Humboldt Wildlife Care Center staff and volunteers were part of the excellent turn out of wildlife advocates.

At BAX we feel proud and privileged to be among the many organizations that worked for this ban, sent letters, circulated petitions, and organized educational events. We are grateful for our colleagues who collaborated to make the vision of real protection of Bobcats a reality, among them Project Bobcat, Center for Biological Diversity, Project Coyote, and Environmental Protection Information Center.

The meeting was held at the Riverwalk Lodge in Fortuna. After last year’s decision to list the Gray wolf (Canis lupus) as endangered in California at the same venue, Humboldt County is gaining a reputation as a place where our responsibilities to our wild neighbors are taken seriously.


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4 thoughts on “Bobcat Trapping Banned in California

  1. Thanks to Monte, Laura, Lucinda and ALL at BAX! For awhile there getting the ban on bobcat trapping seemed almost as elusive as the cat itself. It just wasn’t clear which way it was going to go until they finally voted. The bobcats heaved a great sigh of relief today!
    Bonnie MacRaith

  2. That hearing outcome was very gratifying, but we can’t afford to rest on our laurels.

    There was much made about the lack of current science and bobcat population and distribution. It’s more than likely that the Dept. of Fish & Wildlife will undertake a study in the very near future, and you can be assured that this issue will be back before the commission. I’d be willing to bet the farm that the next time around, supported by the new study, the commission would vote to re-instate bobcat trapping, if not statewide, then in particular areas. The members said as much. (See the video of the 4+ hour hearing on the commission’s website.)

    I remain convinced that the only long-term viable remedy is a statewide ballot initiative to ban ALL commercial trapping and hunting of ALL furbearers–not just bobcats. As noted, nearly all these furs are sold on markets in China, Russia and Europe, a totally unnecessary luxury item for the rich and ethically-challenged.

    Just sayin’ –
    Eric Mills, coordinator

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