Cackling Goose released!

This Cackling Goose, found emaciated and near death on Trinidad State Beach, was brought into care at Bird Ally X/ Humboldt Wildlife Care Center. After 3 weeks of clover, cracked corn and a quiet place to recover s/he was released 12/4/13 into a large group of wintering geese nearby.

Aleutian Cackling Geese winter all along the west coast of North America, often flying directly from their breeding grounds in the Aleutian Islands, across the North Pacific Ocean nonstop, arriving here in very thin condition. If anything goes wrong, a bird may lack the resources to recover on his or her own. At times like these, the lucky birds are rescued. Emaciation is life threatening, but it does have a well known treatment – fluids, warmth and an appropriate diet.

If you find an injured wild animal, contact your nearest permitted wildlife rehabilitator. Thank you for your support and for your love for wildlife. (video Kim Coleman/Bird Ally X)