California Red-sided Garter Snake in Care

Garter Snake Feb '14 - 14A student at Humboldt State University found a snake on the sidewalk near his dorm last Saturday that didn’t move away from him as he approached. Of course a wild animal in good health would have fled. He didn’t know the species but he knew something was the matter. He called our clinic and one of our dedicated volunteers drove up to the campus to pick up the snake. While many of us are very familiar with Common Garter snakes, greenish with yellow stripes, this snake turned out to be a local subspecies, the California Red-sided Garter Snake, and his appearance is quite lovely!

Garter Snake Feb '14 - 06Two-thirds down his length, the snake suffered a small laceration. Soon we’ll have radiographs that will determine the extent of any skeletal damage.

For now the snake is comfortably healing. While no wild patient is out of the woods until they are out of captivity, this snake enjoys a good prognosis.

Garter Snake Feb '14 - 02Thank you for supporting wildlife rehabilitation for all species! Your donation makes care for this snake and all our wild patients possible! Please contribute today!