Cormorants in the Crosshairs, the movie

Documentary filmmaker Judy Irving (Pelican Dreams, Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill) premiered her short film, Cormorants in the Crosshairs, the 19th of August in Portland at a benefit for  The Audubon Society of Portland’s legal  effort to stop the slaughter of Double-crested Cormorants at East Sand Island in the mouth of the Columbia River.

The short film was done in collaboration with Bird Ally X co-founder/co-director Marie Travers and offered to Portland Audubon as an outreach tool. After its premiere, the film was made available online (see below) to help spread general appreciation of the often maligned Cormorant as well as an introduction to the issue of Cormorant killing. Below the movie are links to more information on the East Sand Island Cormorants.

1)news about the killing

2)issues facing salmon

3)Portland Audubon’s lawsuit

4)Information about USFWS hidden analysis showing Cormorant killing won’t help salmon