Emergency Response

Injured wildlife

Found an injured wild animal? call us 707-822-8839

To report an injured marine mammal, call the North Coast Marine Mammal Center 707-465-6265

Oil Spills

The Oiled Wildlife Care Network, of which Bird Ally X is a member organization, responds to petroleum spills in California.

To report an oil spill, call the Office of Spill Prevention and Response 1-800-OILS-911


Maintaining readiness

The daily work of wildlife rehabilitation – rescue, evaluation, treatment, release – is the best readiness. BAX personnel keep up to date with latest developments in protocols and research in the field. Volunteers and interns receive training that prepares them for quick response in case of an emergency. Bird Ally X personnel have extensive experience in managing the various aspects of wildlife care in oil spills as well as other non-petroleum disasters.

BAX/HWCC response to the North Coast Fish Waste Incidents

Read more about these incidents in the Recent Stories and Press Room pages.

What does a small rescue organization do when confronted by hundreds of California Brown Pelicans in deep trouble – most of them young, starving, hypothermic and covered in fish oil? It rescues the pelicans, reaches out to partners, trains volunteers, builds washing stations, erects aviaries, raises money for thousands of pounds of fish, educates the public, researches the causes of the contamination, and advocates for change, all at the same time. 50 Pelicans were rescued in 2011, and 250 Pelicans in 2012.

As a result of the BAX / HWCC response and extensive outreach efforts, certain infrastructure improvements were put in place in regional harbors to prevent birds continuing to suffer contamination with oily fish waste. Thank you to the many community members who stepped up to help these pelicans make it back to live their wild lives.

Documentary Film

Some of our work in the North Coast Fish Waste Incident is dramatically featured in the documentary film Pelican Dreams, directed by Judy Irving of Pelican Media.