Freedom’s Greetings

Each year we send a card to our mailing list offering our thanks and asking for continued support! Here’s this years! Expect it in your mailbox soon if you’re on our snail mail list! Freedom’s Greeting!


Season’s Greetings, Friend of Wildlife!

What a tumultuous year 2016 has been! Yet from a contentious US election to increasingly alarming news regarding our shared environment, through it all, we’ve been here, providing care for our region’s injured and orphaned wild animals, helping people peacefully resolve conflicts with wild animals, and our Wildlife Ambassador program has gone to grade schools and social clubs promoting co-existence with our wild neighbors.

In 2016, Bird Ally X put on workshops teaching important skills to the next generation of  wildlife rehabilitators, as well as worked with  state and national professional associations to provide continuing education opportunities for rehabilitators of every skill level.

It’s a tough world, ours – and preparation is required. Any raccoon can tell you that curiosity and learning are keys to a successful life.

Each year we raise over two dozen orphaned raccoons. Lacking a mother, their education falls on us.

So we prepare our young patients to forage for appropriate, natural food, become familiar with natural features, even find fish in a stream in our simulated river that runs through our raccoon housing!

Fruit is found on trees, insects in logs, fish in streams – this knowledge plus a healthy fear of human beings is our recipe for raccoon success. 

In some ways, we are in the same boat as our raccoon patients, struggling to live right, facing a separation from Mother Earth that we didn’t ask for yet need to cross in order to survive and thrive.

Your support allows us to teach and learn. Each year our care improves. Each year we reach more people. Each year we strive for a better world, no matter who thinks they run the show, no matter what calamity surrounds us. No matter what fate we’ll share, little by little, with your support, we’ll continue to pay back our debt to the Wild.

Thank you for being here for us, our Wild Neighbors, and all those who love the Wild in 2016. We wish you a warm and beautiful holiday and a joyful New Year. We look forward to meeting our mission with your support in 2017.

In alliance with the Wild,

Bird Ally X and Humboldt Wildlife Care Center