Humane Solutions

Promoting Co-existence: Humane Solutions to wildlife/human conflicts

While we are dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitate injured wildlife, we also know an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of care!

If you are having trouble with a wild animal, please call us. Many situations can be resolved over the phone. If more is required, we also make house calls.

Common problems:
Whether you have raccoons, skunks or opossums denning under your house or in the attic, bats inside structures, deer eating your garden, or even predators threatening your chickens, we can assess immediate needs, support human and wildlife safety, and resolve the situation so it doesn’t occur again.

call 707-822-8839

About Trapping

Once trapped, an animal must either be released right where it was found, or killed. Relocating wildlife (letting the animal go elswhere) is not allowed by law. If you use a trap, you have to register it with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and obtain written consent from all neighbors within 150 yards. The dangers of trapping are many! Pets and other non-targeted animals can easily be caught, and any animal in the trap can become seriously injured trying to get out – especially if she’s a mother trying to get back to her babies.

Please, call us before resorting to such lethal measures. Keep wild families together!