Large Waves Batter Seabirds

Elissa Blair, an intern with BAX, carries a rescued Double Crested Cormorant back to the truck.

Late Saturday, January 11, a Pacific storm brought an exceptionally large surf to the Redwood Coast. With waves height reaching nearly 30 feet, people were warned to stay from the beaches and jetties.

Since that storm, over the last couple of days BAX/HWCC has been admitting Double Crested Cormorants rescued in Crescent City for care. Sunday and Monday rescue teams drove up from our Arcata location to survey the area.

So far, we’ve admitted three cormorants, each very battered, likely by the very large surf that pounded the North coast Saturday night and Sunday morning. Cormorants roost on rocks offshore at night – vulnerable to intense and unleashed power of the sea.

Another team is going to Crescent City today to look for more birds. So far, each of the rescued birds has died due to the severity of the wounds suffered. Hopefully any other birds we rescue will be able to pull through.

It’s important to remember, when we tuck ourselves in for the night, when we plan for emergencies, as we face climate disruption and the associated increase in severity of storms, that our wild neighbors also are at risk.

Your support makes our efforts possible, from a staffed wildlife hospital to the rescue teams ready to go a hundred miles in any direction. Thank you for contributing. You make a difference for injured wildlife on the North Coast and beyond.