Press Room

Media contact person: Monte Merrick, co-director,

Staff are available to discuss wildlife rehabilitation and all of our programs, the challenges faced by wild animals, co-existence between people and wildlife, and natural history. High-resolution photographs are available to the media on request.

Our Work in the Media

Wild Gray fox freed from plastic cup cone of shame Mother Nature Network (blog) 9/9/2015

Unusually warm ocean temps may be behind influx of starving birds KCBX FM Central Coast Radio, San Luis Obispo County 8/25/2015

Barntini Returns to benefit Land Trust and Wildlife Center The Times-Standard, 8/25/2015

‘Take A Child Outside” Day is Saturday, free event at Arcata Marsh The Times-Standard 3/25/2015

O, the Pelican The North Coast Journal 12/8/2014

Eureka window contest lets shoppers be the judge The Times-Standard 11/27/2014

North Coast may be refuge for birds threatened by climate change The Times-Standard 9/9/2014

Wildlife Matters, a New Public Affairs Show on KMUD Like You’ve Got Something Better to Do (blog) 9/3/2014

Supervisors seek plastic bag ban, renew Wildlife Services contract The Times Standard 7/23/2014

Humboldt County’s contract with USDA Wildlife Services contested The Times-Standard 7/12/2014

North Coast Environmental Center’s EcoNews Report KHSU radio 7/10/2014

North Coast Environmental Center’s EcoNews Report, KHSU radio 6/19/2014

It’s Baby Season-Who you gonna call?? KHUM radio 6/5/2014

Breaking: Fish and Game Commission Meeting in Fortuna This Morning Lists Gray Wolf under Endangered Species Act Lost Coast Outpost 6/4/2014

Every Day is Earth Day: Minimizing Human Impact on Wildlife  Lost Coast Outpost, 4/23/2014

Where the Wild Things Are The North Coast Journal 4/17/2014

Bird Ally X on KMUD radio 4/11/2014

Humboldt Bay Eagles Lay First Egg of 2013 Season on Live Eaglecam! The Times-Standard 3/18/2013

No Sick Pelicans,  The North Coast Journal 8/12/2013

Groups ask for help in caring for county’s young wildlife  The Times-Standard 7/28/ 2013

Coyote Pups Saved—Center Needs Donations to Cover the Cost of Raising Them Lost Coast Outpost 6/5/2013

Fish Oil and Pelicans – A Surprisingly Bad Mix  Lost Coast Outpost 4/23/2013

Pelican-Do!  10,000 Birds (blog)  2/22/2013

Humboldt Bay eagle’s nest webcam a go; live feed of nest expected in January The Times-Standard 12/29/2012

Hazards in Harbor Del Norte Triplicate 7/16/2012

Community rallies to raise funds for ailing sea birds The Times-Standard 7/14/2012

Through the Eyes of Women, KHSU Radio  8/12/2012

Bird by Bird  The North Coast Journal, 9/9/2012

Labor of Love Oiled Wildlife Care Network (blog) 8/3/2012

Pelican problems persist; harbors have taken remedial steps as nearly 200 birds admitted to care center The Times-Standard 7/29/2012

Pelicans and fish waste don’t mix Oiled Wildlife Care Network (blog) 7/28/2012

Brown Pelicans in Trouble! The EcoNews, Northcoast Environment Center 7/2012

Déjà Rescue The North Coast Journal 7/19/2012

Brown Pelicans dying from fish oil contamination; Humboldt nonprofits rescue 70 birds, more expected Redwood Times 7/17/2012

Fish scraps are deadly to birds, officials warn Del Norte Triplicate 7/16/2012

Brown pelicans dying from fish oil contamination The Times-Standard 7/14/2012

From Humboldt Wildlife Care Center: Pelicans Dying, Again UPDATED  Lost Coast Outpost 7/12/2012

What We Can Learn From Starving Pelicans Like You’ve Got Something Better to Do (blog) 8/15/2012

Bird Ally X on KMUD radio 9/28/2011 (scroll to local news, click play)

Second batch of contaminated pelicans released The Times-Standard 9/10/2011

Brown Pelicans ‘Dumpster diving’ results in fish oil contamination; Humboldt nonprofits rescue about 25 birds from Crescent City Harbor The Times-Standard 8/30/2011

Fish Waste to Blame Del Norte Triplicate 8/30/2011


Documentary Film

Pelican Dreams, a feature length documentary film directed by Judy Irving, features some of BAX / HWCC’s work rescuing and caring for Pelicans.

Film review: the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s All About Birds (blog)

Film Soundtrack by Bruce Kaphan