Poll: Non-natives? and Carl Safina on Mute Swans in New York


Non-natives, invasive species, – in North America most, but not all, brought over from Europe with colonists – these interlopers can present some serious problems to the ecosystems in which they’re introduced. Often the attempts to mitigate their presence divide communities.

Click on the photo to read Carl Safina (Eye of the Albatross, Song for the Blue Ocean) on the planned eradication of Mute Swans (pop 2200) from the state of New York. And if you’d like to take this poll, we’ll be discussuing the results after the weekend…


One thought on “Poll: Non-natives? and Carl Safina on Mute Swans in New York

  1. I feel we are responsible for all of the destruction of the environment and the natural order of things. We are the ones that have destroyed the environment and we have introduced species to areas that they do not in whether it be purposely or acedently. Mute swans were brought over to be on display in zoos and parks but they got loose and began to breed. They have a major impact on the native populations of waterfowl. Because we were the ones that purposely introduced them we should be the ones to fix the natural balance and try getting the native species back to areas that they belong in. Now I’m not saying that they should be poised or some other inhumane way I’m just saying their population should start to get reduced and hopefully it will balence out.

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