Raccoon Housing Repairs Complete! (Short video tour!)

A couple of months ago BAX launched a crowd-sourcing fundraiser for the repairs we needed to make to our Raccoon (Procyon lotor) housing at Humboldt Wildlife Care Center. This housing is  a critical component of our orphaned raccoon program. It’s where the babies we care for grow, develop, and learn.

Those repairs are now complete. Here’s a glimpse into the housing that teaches wild babies the skills they’ll need to thrive in their wild freedom. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this campaign!

Also, thank you to all our supporters. These are tough, lean times for us and it seems they’re only getting tougher. Every dollar contributed helps. Your support makes a big difference for our wild neighbors.  The food and water our raccoon kits need, the fish we provide all of our patients, the thousands of insects we feed baby orphaned songbirds. Our medicines and supplies – all of these real things cost real money – money we wouldn’t have without you. Want to make a donation now? Follow this link! Thank you!