Fieldbrook Hawk Gets Another Chance

During the last week of January, Humboldt Wildlife Care Center received a few calls about a hawk struggling in the wooded community of  Fieldbrook, east of McKinleyville. After a few trips to the area, we finally located the grounded bird, an adult Red-tailed Hawk (Buteo jamaicensis), unable to fly. Emaciated, weak, and with an injured right […]

Providing Critical Education for our Volunteers and Staff

While the most significant part of our mission is the direct care of injured and orphaned wild animals, Bird Ally X also puts effort into training wildlife rehabilitators and future wildlife rehabilitators. During the winter months, as our caseload decreases, we often hold workshops on different aspects of the care we provide our wild neighbors […]

Raccoon (and Owl!) Under the Trees for Christmas

Our wildlife clinic in Bayside, Humboldt Wildlife Care Center, is open every day of the year, including each holiday. There has never been a day when it wasn’t good that we were here.  This year on Christmas we admitted a very badly injured Northern Flicker (Colaptes auratus) who’s suffering we were able to end, and […]

It’s a Thin Line Between Town and Bay

It’s a thin line, between Town and Bay It’s a thin line, between Town and Bay It’s nine o’clock in the morning and we’re just getting in – we open up the front door and a new day begins. Check the pools, ‘cuz it rained all night, but they’re okay. Feed the birds, get the […]

Thank You 2016 Volunteers!

Last Saturday we held our 4th Annual Rent Party and Volunteer Appreciation show! 2016 was a tough year and without our volunteer staff we would not have been able to provide direct care to over 1o00 wild neighbors as well as consult on thousands of more cases resulting in humane conflict resolution between the wild […]

Tonight at Richard’s Goat! Pints for Bird Ally X and screening of The Love Witch!

Tonight, from 6pm to close, Richard’s Goat Tavern and Tea Room in Arcata (401 I St) will be donating  dollar for every pint of Beer and Cider sold! Showing tonight at the Miniplex at Richard’s Goat, a movie filmed in Arcata, the “hilarious, feminist homage to 1960s Italian thrillers,” The Love Witch. We’ll be there […]

Two Area Sea Geese are Home Again.

So far this year, among the returning birds to Humboldt Bay, we’ve admitted several Brant (Branta bernicla) for care. In fact, we’ve treated more Brant this year, twelve, than we’d treated in 2012 (5), -13 (3), -14 (0), and -15 (1) combined. Brant are beautiful and strong sea geese, thriving on our winter coast. Even in […]

Freedom’s Greetings

Each year we send a card to our mailing list offering our thanks and asking for continued support! Here’s this years! Expect it in your mailbox soon if you’re on our snail mail list! Freedom’s Greeting! Season’s Greetings, Friend of Wildlife! What a tumultuous year 2016 has been! Yet from a contentious US election to […]

Volunteer Appreciation/Rent Party!

Every year BAX honors our dedicated volunteers with a show and a party! And we invite everyone to come help us celebrate their devotion and love for our wild neighbors. Without our volunteers, our work wouldn’t be possible. Please come join us and also help us raise much needed funds to cover the cost of […]

A Very Lucky Hawk (cool video!)

On November 28, on US 101 where it winds through the gas stations and fast food joints of Eureka California, a Sharp-shinned Hawk (Accipiter striatus) was in hot pursuit of a Sparrow. She caught the Sparrow but was hit by a car in the heavy traffic. A quick-thinking, kind-hearted man saw her get hit, saw […]

Giving Tuesday

For the past 5 years, after Thanksgiving in the US, after ‘Black Friday’, after ‘Cyber Monday’, people and non-profit organizations have been launching year-end fundraising appeals with #GivingTuesday… Each year that Humboldt Wildlife Care Center has participated, we’ve raised approximately $1000! A big help! If you’d like to help us end our year on strong […]

Phalarope Beats the Odds!

A week ago, a young woman attending Humboldt State University found a small bird struggling in the middle of the street where she lives. As a wildlife student, she recognized the bird as a Phalarope, a sandpiper-like bird, smaller than a Robin but larger than most Sparrows.  She also knew that the bird was in […]

Aquatic Birds in Care

Every year, as our busy wild baby season comes to a close, aquatic birds, who breed elsewhere, come back to the Pacific Coast to overwinter. The famed Aleutian Cackling Geese, Brant, Grebes, Loons, seaducks, dabbling ducks, all use our relatively mild winters with historically food-rich waters to while away the hibernal months. At Humboldt Wildlife […]

Tangled Up and Bruised

How this bird was ever rescued was the product of the two ingredients we rely on the most: the unlikely timings of coincidence and intuition combined with the intentional timing of preparedness. Early in the morning last Tuesday, Humboldt Wildlife Care Center staff rehabilitator, Lucinda Adamson, woke up early from a dream about seabirds. Now […]

Pumpkins, Squash and Apples Make Healthy Raccoons

Last week we put out a call on Humboldt Wildlife Care Center’s Facebook page seeking donations of pumpkins, squash, fruit and more to help us feed the orphaned juvenile raccoons still in our care. And people have responded! Right now, with 18 Raccoons in care, we are feeding over 20 pounds of squash each day! […]

Standing with Mother Earth

The results of the 2016 Presidential election surprised a lot of us. As conservationists, as lovers of the Wild, as passionate defenders of Mother Earth, many already felt that our government was not being authentically responsive to the gravity of our situation – the rising seas, the dying seas, the disappearing species, the endless stream of […]

Shocked Yellow-rumped Warbler Thought Everything Was Clear! Didn’t See the Glass!

Last Friday a compassionate young man at his job site off Myrtle Avenue in Eureka found this Yellow -rumped Warbler (Setophaga coronata) on the ground beneath a window. After giving him a safe place to rest realized the bird needed care. How alarming it is to see the passage ahead, the clear sky, the chosen […]

A Personal Letter from one of our Co-founders – Why We Need You.

Dear Supporters and fellow Wildlife Lovers; I feel a pressing need to address you directly, as a person, as a wildlife rehabilitator, as someone committed to correcting the injustices our built world consistently inflicts on our wild neighbors, and also, and perhaps most significantly, as the person who is most directly responsible for communicating our […]

Halloween Mask? No Problem!

It’s Halloween and two of our Raccoon patients were released! These masked juveniles won’t be trick or treating the neighborhoods however. They’ll be strictly wild, thanks to your support! There is still time to help us close in on our October goal of $7000 – although time is running out! Hopefully we won’t turn into […]

Help Us Help Our Wild Neighbors

We have a million things to do every day. Patients in care require feeding, bandage changes, check-ups, and the like. Patient housing needs to be cleaned, sometimes several times a day. The phone rings regularly with new tasks waiting on the other end of the line – wildlife rescue, a conflict with a wild animal […]