Eat Delicious Chocolate, Save Wild Animals in Trouble

Humboldt Wildlife Care Center’s chocolate tradition gets a re-boot!

For many years our chocolate bars have been available around the county with all proceeds going toward the care of injured and orphaned wild animals… well, now a local chocolatier (Thank you Sjaak’s in Petaluma/Blue Lake!) has teamed up with Bird Ally X to bring new flavors and an informative label to help us treat your sweet tooth while you support our work!


With labels designed in house by BAX art director, Laura Corsiglia, and with new flavors that are “wildly delicious” it’s now tastier and more interesting than ever to support your local wildlife rehabilitators and advocates. Plus, our new chocolate is certified organic, fair trade and vegan! Look for our new chocolate bars in area stores or stop in to our clinic in Bayside and get one or five today! (or tomorrow, or the next day…)

chocolate-4 chocolate-3