Pelican Dreams on DVD! Become a member and get a copy!

Released in 2014, we are excited to announce that Pelican Dreams, the latest documentary by award-winning filmmaker, Judy Irving (The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill) is now on DVD.

pelican-dreams-dvd-pics-3Centered around the story of “Gigi” – a very young (4 months old!!) female Brown Pelican who landed on the Golden Gate Bridge one afternoon in August 2008, the film follows her rescue and rehabilitation. Brought to International Bird Rescue in Fairfield, California the story is helped along by “Gigi’s” primary caregiver (BAX/Humboldt Wildlife Care Center’s co-director, Monte Merrick). As the Pelican’s primary caregiver, the film spends some time with him, as well as wife and partner and fellow co-director, Laura Corsiglia.

pelican-dreams-dvd-pics-21The film took over 6 years to make and includes footage from Bird Ally X/Humboldt Wildlife Care Center rescue work, and uses footage shot in Crescent City harbor by Arcata’s own Ishan Vernallis (Medicine Baul).

Right now, thanks to Judy Irving and Pelican Media, Bird Ally X has a limited number of DVDs which we will happily sell for $25 or offer free with any membership pledge of $50. (Become a member!) UPDATE! We have no more Judy Irving signed copies. Also, we have a small number of DVDs signed by Judy Irving as well as Monte Merrick and Laura Corsiglia which we are offering to the first 4 donations to Bird Ally X of $100.


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