Shocked Yellow-rumped Warbler Thought Everything Was Clear! Didn’t See the Glass!

Last Friday a compassionate young man at his job site off Myrtle Avenue in Eureka found this Yellow -rumped Warbler (Setophaga coronata) on the ground beneath a window. After giving him a safe place to rest realized the bird needed care.

How alarming it is to see the passage ahead, the clear sky, the chosen path and believe it so much that you move in that direction without question, only to come to a hard and brutal invisible barrier. Window strikes kill hundreds of millions of birds in the United States each year!

This little guy was lucky. He was quickly brought into care and received anti-inflammatory medicine and  a safe place to recover. Three days later he was released! (see video below of him back in trees, looking for insects)

If a bird strikes your window the first thing you should is move him gently into a box and call us. While a bird may fly off after an hour or so of rest, we don’t know that they are truly able to survive without care. It is surmised that many birds die of cerebral hemorrhging in the first 24 hours after the collision.

For ideas on how to prevent window strikes, check out this site.

As always, we are here to help wild animals who are innocently caught in the many pitfalls, traps and obstacles our modern world puts in their path. Your help ensures that we will always be here. Thank you for your generous support!