Five Downy Woodpecker Nestlings in Care

These nestling Downy Woodpeckers were rescued after their nest tree fell into a creek deep in the hills of remote northern California. Waterlogged but alive, their rescuers warmed them up and searched the internet for care instructions.

Unfortunately the advice they found was bad, which was to feed them a mix of cat food and raw egg… now each baby will have to undergo a stressful cleaning process.

If you find a wild animal that needs help, do what you can to get them to get her or him out of harm’s way, but please, before you provide any additional care, call a wildlife rehabilitator. Every species has its own needs. A trained permitted wildlife rehabilitator can provide the appropriate diet, housing, and treatment that all wild patients need. Don’t trust the internet!

Still, we greatly appreciate that these birds were found and safely rescued. If you find a wild animal you think needs help, call us! 707 822 8839

Bonus: here they are “After Bathing at BAXters*

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